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How can you prevent periodontal disease in dogs?

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Preventing Periodontal Disease is simple with anesthesia free teeth cleaning and other methods

             Lucky for us, there are a lot of great prevention methods to make sure our pets don’t ever become victims of gingivitis and plaque. While the most obvious thing to do is take your pet in to get their yearly or bi-yearly teeth checkup, those spaces in between can have detrimental effects on your dogs teeth and gum health. Prevention methods like anesthesia free teeth cleaning, a good diet, and even exercise, are great ways to make sure your dog is staying healthy about the mouth.

              You may have heard that anesthesia free teeth cleaning for your pets doesn’t reach the really tough spots along their gum lines, but companies like K9 Pearly Whites is quite capable at reaching these tough places. And while companies such as K9 Pearly Whites can do this to provide extra prevention from Periodontal Disease, they should always be used in addition to, rather than as a replacement for, a veterinarian.

             Anesthesia free teeth cleaning is just one method to make sure your dog stays healthy. Another is a proper diet. Dogs, just like us, need to stay away from certain foods to make sure that their teeth don’t build up too much plaque. If this were as easy as not feeding your dog cupcakes and milk chocolate, than most people would have this area covered. Sadly however, it isn’t always this simple, and even treats like meat from your steak dinner can be a factor in your dogs gum health. Not feeding your dog table scraps can go a long way to keeping him or her healthy for a very long time.

             Bones can also be a great way to keep your dogs teeth healthy. Constantly chewing on something can stimulate the gums and teeth, stopping plaque from stabilizing in the first place. Your local pet store will also have special bones that will have special chemical compounds for breaking down the bacteria that forms in a dog’s teeth and gum line.

             Sometimes preventing Periodontal Disease in older dogs is an uphill struggle, and certain breeds such as Chihuahuas and Dachshunds have a genetic disposition to be affected by it, making it even more imperative for owners of these breeds to keep their eyes peeled. Because older dogs should not be treated with anesthesia, an anesthesia free teeth cleaning method works best. This is a much more natural way to get your older dog care.

             If you are looking for dog anesthesia free teeth cleaning in New Jersey, you should give K9 Pearly Whites a call, or check out their webpage at They also provide dog anesthesia free teeth cleaning in Philadelphia, so if you live there, you’re in luck!

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