K9 Pearly Whitesteeth cleaning process is supervised by a licensed Veterinarian in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. 

However, the Practitioner and staff at K9 Pearly Whites are not veterinarians, and as such, do not diagnose or provide treatment of disease, disorder or injury for pets. K9 Pearly Whitesteeth staff specializes in anesthesia-free teeth cleaning and has extensive training in gentle handling techniques. Our extensively trained practitioners are trained to control the pet through advanced animal handling techniques and effectively clean your pet’s teeth while it remains alert and comfortable.

K9 Pearly Whites asks that you please understand that anesthesia-free teeth cleaning may not be as thorough as anesthesia teeth cleaning, but is only one part of a complete maintenance teeth-cleaning program for any pet.  By using this opportunity to learn about anesthesia-free teeth cleaning and the importance of oral hygiene, you may reduce the number and duration of future anesthetic dental cleanings/exams.