K9 Pearly Whites is the leading provider of teeth cleaning for dogs without the use of anesthesia in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Since 2012 K9 Pearly Whites has been provided to hundreds of pet parents as a mobile service. Our service has been offered at select locations after a licensed veterinarian deems the pet is qualified after a general wellness and oral exam is performed.

To meet the growing demand of pet owners, K9Pearly Whites is moving away from the mobile-based business model and pleased to announce that we are now looking to work directly with veterinarians from within their practice.


K9 Pearly Whites is looking for pet-related businesses in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Long Island, NY, who are interested in a business-to-business/cross-marketing joint venture.

Here is how it works:

K9 Pearly Whites will provide the business owner sponsor free teeth cleanings without the use of anesthesia for your dog in exchange for allowing K9 Pearly Whites to keep our marketing flyers at your store location to advertise our service. As a sponsor of K9 Pearly Whites, you will receive free teeth cleanings for your dog for as long as we continue our joint venture of cross-marketing.


K9 Pearly Whites is offering to add your business to our sponsor page with a direct link to your website for free (a $500 annual value) in exchange for the same cross-marketing on your website for K9 Pearly Whites.


It is a win-win!!

Call us ASAP at 855-469-5979 or send us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details.