General Pricing

K9 Pearly Whites price per pet is $219.99 and for any size pet after the first time customer discount.

Non-discount regular pricing is $239.99 per pet. See Discounts and Pricing Details Below.

Up Charge Details for Excessive Tarter

Excessive Tarter Examples

Small Dog Medium Dog Large Dog

Prior to booking your dog's appointment, we ask pet parents to review the examples above and compare to your dog's current tarter build up. If your dog's tarter build up looks similar to the pictures above, please be advised that your dogs teeth cleaning without the use of anesthesia may require additional time and effort to remove the tarter build up. As such, your dog’s teeth cleaning may be subject to an up-charge of $29.99 to cover the additional time and/or effort it may take to clean your dog’s teeth. This up-charge would be in addition to the general fee as indicated above.

Example: The strong>non-discount pricing service charge for your dog’s teeth cleaning without the use of anesthesia is $239.99. If your dog’s tarter is similar as pictured in the above examples, you may be required to pay an upcharge of $29.99 bring the total for the cleaning $269.98.

We want our pet parents to be informed ahead of their dog’s appointments of this possible up-charge. Rest assured, a licensed veterinarian will first perform an oral wellness exam to prequalify your pet for our service.

If the Veterinarian determines that your dog may move forward with teeth cleaning without the use of anesthesia but your pet does have excess tarter, we will discuss this with you before your dog’s teeth cleaning to ensure you are informed that there may be a possible up-charge.

Please note that returning customers as part of our customer loyalty program, generally will not be impacted by this upcharge as you are keeping your dog’s teeth maintained by our service and regular check ups at your local veterinarian.


K9 Pearly Whites is pleased to always offer the following discounts to our Pet Parents

First Time Customers Receive $20.00 Off

All first time customers who sign up for our clinic schedule announcements located along the right boarder of this page, receives a $20.00 off coupon.

Customer Loyalty Program Receive $25.00 Off

Any returning customer who returns within 12 months of their pets past appointment will receive $25.00 off their pets teeth cleaning.

Multiple Pet Discount

If customers do not have any discounts available but will have multiple pets scheduled for the same day / clinic, a $10.00 discount will be applied per pet per service.

Our first time and returning customers who qualify for the discounts mentioned above will be able to enjoy the discount for multiple pets scheduled for the same day / clinic!

Senior Citizen Discount

In addition to offering the discounts for new and our returning customers, our senior citizen pet parents will enjoy an additional 5% off their pet’s teeth cleaning. And yes the 5% can be combined with the discounts indicated above, however the 5% is applied to the after discounted pricing.

General Wellness & Oral Wellness Exam

K9 Pearly Whites no longer offers free general wellness and oral wellness exams at the time of the appointment. Your pet must be seen by the Veterinarian prior to booking with us. See the locations tab for locations.

Acceptable Forms of Payment

Also please be aware that K9PW is fully equipped to take payment electronically at the time of the appointment.

Acceptable forms of payment are Visa, MasterCard, Discover and Cash.

Forms of Payments Not Accepted

American Express and Checks are not accepted.

Be sure to subscribe to our clinic schedule announcements before your appointment!!

Subscribing is fast, easy and free!!! Subscription form is located to the right on this page.