Returning Customers

As a returning customer we thought you would like to know that we are in the process of making some changes.

To meet the growing demand of pet owners, K9Pearly Whites is moving away from the mobile-based business model and pleased to announce that we are now looking to work directly with veterinarians from within their practice.

To this end, we are asking for your help! Yes you! We are asking our loyal customers to reach out to your veterinarian and get the word out that K9 Pearly Whites is looking to offer teeth cleaning without the use of anesthesia by working directly with veterinarians offering this service from within their practice. If K9 Pearly Whites forms a partnership with a veterinarian that you recommend, we will offer you free teeth cleanings for your pet for life.

Be sure to click on the “Pet Owner” tab to watch a quick video to learn more details!

Here are some of the changes that you should be aware of, as you are a returning customer:

  • 1. Effective immediately, K9 Pearly Whites will no longer be offering teeth cleaning for dogs without the use of anesthesia using the mobile unit where were would have clinics at pre-determined locations.
  • 2. As mentioned above, K9 Pearly Whites is now looking to work directly with veterinarians from within their practice.
  • 3. General and oral wellness exams will no longer be performed at the time of your pet’s appointment for teeth cleaning without the use of anesthesia.

    Rather, prior to booking your pet with K9 Pearly Whites, you will need to first bring your pet to the veterinarian practice

  • 4. There will be an exam fee that varies from Veterinarian to Veterinarian, when you book your appointment at that time you can ask what the charge is.
  • 5. After the veterinarian has qualified your pet for our service, you may then visit our webpage and click on the “book appointment now button” to book your pets appointment.
  • 6. To prevent “no shows” all pet parents whom book appointments through our website will require a $50.00 deposit.

    Additional pricing changes can be found by visiting our “pricing page”.